Local Construction Companies Support Vital Care

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In celebration of February being Heart Month, a group of businesses in the construction industry have come together to fund 34 new vital signs monitors for Sault Area Hospital. Together, the seven organizations have given a six-figure gift to Sault Area Hospital Foundation and inviting others to join them during heart month.

Each of the following businesses is helping build a healthier future for our community, with gifts aligned with the purchase of anywhere from 1 to 15 monitors. Thank you to George Stone and Sons (15 monitors), Henderson Metal Fabricating (10 monitors), Heritage Home Hardware (4 monitors), R.F. Contracting (2 monitors), Rector Machineworks (1 monitor), Construction Equipment Co (1 monitor), and EllisDon Construction (1 monitor). Together, their donations already add up to $114,875 given in support of local care – funding almost a third of the 123 monitors needed across Sault Area Hospital.

Vital signs monitors are essential tools, used every day in every area of the hospital. They produce one of the most basic measurements of cardiac health: a patient’s heart rate (as well as other key metrics like breathing rate, temperature and blood pressure). Vital signs monitors give care teams insight into a patient’s condition. Healthcare workers rely on these machines to provide alerts when there is a problem, so they can intervene and provide care before a patient’s condition worsens.

Five people, Scott Booth (executive director of SSMCA), Joel Roswell (Treasurer), Kerri Fryia (President), Nick Jobst (Vice President) and Brent Avery (Past President)

Left to right, Scott Booth (executive director of SSMAC, Joel Roswell (Treasurer), Kerri Fryia (President), Nick Jobst (Vice President) and Brent Avery (Past President)

“As we celebrate Heart Month, we invite others in the construction industry to join us in helping fund this essential equipment. By supporting the replacement of vital signs monitors at our local hospital, you can make a lasting difference,” shares Kerri Fryia, President of the Sault Ste. Marie Construction Association (SSMCA) and President and General Manager at Henderson Metal Fabricating. “Whether you’re in the hospital because of a bad flu, a surgery, an injury, or a heart scare – a monitor may be part of your care. Henderson has invested in the purchase of 10 monitors, and it’s heart-warming to see so many other Construction Association organizations have also stepped up.”

Construction organizations interested in funding a monitor can make their pledge throughout the month of February. All month, SAHF will continue to share how local support makes an impact on cardiac care at Sault Area Hospital. Visit to learn more.

“Thank you to those who are coming together to help build a healthier community through their support of Sault Area Hospital Foundation,” said Teresa Martone, Executive Director – SAHF. “It’s hard to imagine a hospital without vital signs monitors, but this critical equipment wouldn’t be here without the generosity of donors who are funding their replacement. We are so grateful to be able to count on these partners as they help Sault Area Hospital provide the best possible care to every person in Algoma.”

On behalf of Sault Area Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors, staff, and the thousands of patients who will benefit from these gifts: thank you to these generous construction industry businesses. Their gifts will help to ensure that fundamental equipment is in place at Sault Area Hospital, helping make outstanding care possible.

Support upcoming needs today and make outstanding care possible at Sault Area Hospital.