SAH Foundation aims to fund $5 million of critical medical equipment


For 2023-24, SAH Foundation is focused on ensuring that Sault Area Hospital’s care professionals have the tools they need to provide outstanding care.

We aim to fund $5 million of new medical equipment in 2023-2024. This includes:

  • New patient monitoring systems and beds hospital-wide, to help to make hospital stays as comfortable as possible;
  • The refurbishment of three Medical Imaging examination rooms to bring high-definition imaging and faster diagnostics;
  • Plus, replacement equipment for specialized departments to ensure that local care continues to be exceptional for all who rely on Sault Area Hospital.

These improvements will only be possible with the support of our giving community – so thank you for your support!

A transformative vision for Medical Imaging

The image above shows Alissa Perri, MRT, standing in front of Sault Area Hospital’s Interventional Radiology (IR) Suite. The equipment in the suite was installed in 2011, when the hospital first opened – meaning that it is now more than 12 years old and reaching the end of its useful life. The replacement of the IR Suite is one of several transformative projects that SAH Foundation aims to fund in 2023-24.

A new, multi-million-dollar Interventional Radiology Suite, Fluoroscopy Room and Radiology Room will empower the Sault Area Hospital care team with accurate, high-definition x-ray imaging. This will help to diagnose and treat medical issues, ultimately improving quality of life for those rely on medical imaging services.

Support upcoming needs today and make outstanding care possible at Sault Area Hospital.