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Have a question regarding the 50/50, tickets, winnings, or prizes? Use our FAQ’s below to help answer your question.


Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online ONLY at

How much are 5 Car Draw tickets?

5 Car Draw tickets are: $25 for 3 tickets, $65 for 9 tickets and $100 for 15 tickets

How much are 50/50 tickets?

50/50 tickets are: $10 for 10 tickets, $20 for 60 tickets, $40 for 200 tickets and $75 for 750 tickets.

How much are Win Your Way Calendar tickets?

Win Your Way Calendar tickets are: $10 for 40 tickets, $20 for 100 tickets, $40 for 250 tickets. Win Your Way Calendar tickets must be ordered in conjunction with 50/50 tickets. A total of 900,000 Win Your Way Calendar tickets will be available.

How do I know what my ticket numbers are for?

5 Car, 50/50 tickets and Win Your Way Calendar tickets each start with a different code for ticket type and for program purchased in.

5 Car Draw
5 Car ticket numbers start DFC
50/50 ticket numbers start DFF
Calendar ticket numbers start DCL

Program 3
50/50 ticket numbers start CFF
Calendar ticket numbers start CCL

Program 2
50/50 ticket numbers start BFF
Calendar ticket numbers start BCL

Program 1
50/50 ticket numbers start AFF
Calendar ticket numbers start ACL

Is the Win Your Way Calendar a 12 month calendar?

No. The Win Your Way Calendar is a one-month calendar where prizes will be awarded to 3 winners every day starting on Friday, April 1, 2022 through to Saturday, April 30, 2022.

Will I receive an actual calendar when I order the Win Your Way Calendar?

No. The Win Your Way Calendar purchased is in the form of Calendar Tickets. There are no physical calendars to be received.

What could I win?

The grand prize winner will be awarded the final jackpot total plus a bonus prize of their choice – either a $30,000 North Star Travel Gift Certificate OR $20,000 in bonus cash.

Who can buy tickets?

Ticket buyers must be 18 years of age or older and located in the province of Ontario to play.

NOTE: Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) license regulations prohibit Sault Area Hospital Foundation Staff and Board of Directors, as well as their spouses, children, and their children’s spouses from purchasing tickets and are not eligible to win. Anyone else can purchase a ticket provided they meet previously stated criteria.

I won, how do I claim my prize?

Once the winner is confirmed, a cheque will be issued by the Sault Area Hospital Foundation. This may take up to 14 business days. Delivery/pick up of the cheque and required photo op will be arranged based on current COVID restrictions.

Where will the money go?

The proceeds from the 50/50 raffle will help fund the purchase of critical medical equipment at Sault Area Hospital.

I’ve misplaced/accidently deleted my tickets – can someone resend/reissue them?

In the event you misplace or lose your tickets, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to send us a message. Be sure to include the best way to contact you so we can get in touch.

I’m concerned about a charge on my credit card/bank statement

In the event you have concerns about a charge to your credit card regarding the 50/50 Lottery, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to send us a message. Be sure to include the best way to contact you so we can get in touch.

Still have a question?

If you didn’t find the answer to your question, please use the contact information below to get in touch or submit your question by filling out our form.

Request Phone Call for Order Assistance

To place your order you must have a valid credit card and access to an email address, all tickets are sent electronically.

Please complete this form to request a call for order assistance with your 5-Car Draw tickets.

Note: Requests will be responded to within 2 business days and calls will be returned based on your selected date and time preference.